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During the 1958 BC Centennial celebration, there were 6000 sailors in Vancouver from Canada, USA, and Great Britain. The picture is our shore patrol group taken on Granville Street. I am the tall one on the front left from HMCS Fraser. Beside me is a sailor from the HMS Newcastle, a British Cruiser. Behind me is a Petty Officer from HMCS Beacon Hill. Beside him is a Leading Seaman from HMCS Fraser. It was a fun filled week-end we spent in Vancouver. Met lots of NICE people.

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    1. John Stanway (ABEM)

      I remember that week so well. I was upper deck stoker on HMCS Beacon Hill and spent a memorable day on board HMS Newcastle with some gordies who I met the night before at an intership boxing event. They where from Newcastle city in Co.Durham U.K. We spent the day drinking rum, and comparing their ship to her sister ship HMCS Ontario based in Esquimalt. Their ship still had its full armament from W.W.2, Ontario had been stripped of hers to just a few token guns. They spoke of being on sea exercises and firing full broadsides and how the ship healed over from the recoil. I had spent my young years just south of Newcastle and could converse with them in their Tyneside dialect. Thanks Foncie for the memory.


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