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Lui and me again. Not sure why Foncie snapped us twice like this that night. I remember he’d give you a ticket and then you could pick up the photos in an hour or two at this little hole in the wall on Robson Street. But if you didn’t pick them up soon, he destroyed them.

Notice the matching sweaters. To me it told the world that we were together. We didn’t have hardly any money in those days so maybe the sweaters were our engagement ring. I never bought any clothes because I was saving for my wedding.

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    1. Liz

      You two look so happy. This is like one of those “what’s different in these pictures” questions. If you look, you will see that you are carrying an umbrella and have a different blouse under the sweater in this image so, in fact, these photos must have been taken on different nights. Just sayin’…


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