Trevor K.

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My parents, Randi Kramer (née Johansen) and Bela (Bill) Kramer strolling on the 900-block of Granville Street in the late 1950s. The Krak-a-Joke shop and Studio nightclub neon signs are visible behind them (the Studio sign has been restored and …


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We picked up our photos at the Krak-a-Joke Shop. On the right, this new style was a chemise dress. White gloves prevailed.…


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This is my mom and dad in the 1950’s…


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#4 – 1957

Walking down Granville St. with my husband.
background: Krake a Joke…

Bruce and Maureen

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This is my now husband Bruce and I in 1967 prior to getting married. We have now been married 45 years.

I remember having to pick up our photo at the Crack a Joke on Granville Street.…

Vera N

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I was 15 year old, and mom and dad brought me to Vancouver to look for a wedding dress. My mom’s wearing a fur coat, and at the time kerchief’s were still in. Mine had slipped off my head that’s …