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This is a picture of my parents, Sieglinde and Albrecht Kost. My father worked part-time for Foncie from 1953 to early 1955. Dad usually worked evenings on Granville Street’s “Theatre Row”. Many evening mum would work with him. Dad taking the pictures, mum handing out the tickets. Since Dad didn’t have to stop to hand out tickets he could take more photos per hour. As he was paid by the photo, it worked out well for everyone. Photograph February 1954

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    1. Micheal Kost

      This picture was sent to my grandparents.
      My mother had just found out that she was pregnant with me. On the back is written (in German), ” Here is a picture made by a street photogragher. On the picture it looks like there are two of us, but if you look closely you’ll see that there are actually three !


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