Materials Release & Terms of Service

I hereby agree to participate in the production named above. I understand that this is a project involving a website to collect my photographs and stories, a documentary and shorts that may use my photos and stories on television, and a partnership with the Museum Of Vancouver for an exhibition about Foncie and his photos.

I authorize Stranger Productions Inc to photograph and record on film, tape or otherwise my name, likeness, voice, interview and performance (the “footage”), and to use this footage, solely within the context of the production, in all media, including television broadcast and home video, throughout the world and forever.

I understand that the production may also include photographs, films, tapes, recordings, notes and documents, etc. owned or provided by me and I represent that I have full rights to provide these materials for use in the production.

Further, I give the right to edit, modify, add to and/or delete material, juxtapose any part of the production with any other film, and make any other changes in the film that Stranger Productions Inc deems appropriate.
I additionally authorize Stranger Productions Inc. to use the footage to publicize and promote the production, and to assign the rights granted in this release to another party.